While on my way home this evening, I stopped by the semi-local country convenience store. You know, the one with two gas pumps out front where you can buy beer, bait, snacks and lotto tix. Definitely not the sterile, polished, corporate cookie cutter older sibling a la 7-11, Circle K or AM/PM. This was like the rougher little brother — a little tattered, individual, and independent but has some culture in it’s own unique way.

Anyway, the pimple-faced clerk was a young kid that was really friendly. Actually said “hi” and “thank you” — rare for a kid that age and even rarer being a convenience store clerk. One of the customers in overalls and a trucker’s cap chatted with me in the friendly Kentucky manner I am acclimating too. He also greeted by name what appeared to be a regular customer when he came in. Turns out, he is the owner of the little enterprise and the kid is family. It had a nice, very small home town feel.

It will be a little pitstop on my 18 minute drive home from work if I need a Dr Pepper or iced tea…..or bait. Then I can walk in, say hi to Dave and he’ll greet me by name like all his other customers…..kinda like Norm on Cheers.

…..Dan at aslowerpace