Our garden was put out in April/May (depending on which plants you’re talking about). While it really hasn’t started producing, we can begin to see the fruits, er…..vegetables of our labor. This afternoon my wife pulled a sweet onion to test and while it was still early and only the size of a raquetball, it was very sweet and delicious. My son and I split it and ate it raw.

Later, while driving around the back property examining the corn coming up, I spotted a mulberry tree. I did not know there was one back there so I took my son to it and introduced him to the very staining, but very sweet fruit. I drove the farm truck right up under the tree and we stood on top of the truck roof harvesting delicious sweet mulberries putting them right into our mouths. My son loved it and it is now one of his favorite places on our property.

And earlier this week I plucked the first ripe raspberry from our bush out front. I planted it four years ago and it has just exploded. This year looks to be a good year for raspberries and wild blackberries. I can’t wait to go pick some and have my wife make some awesome cobbler. If y’all have any good recipes, send ’em my way.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net