The first day of 2005 was nice. However, it was very weird to not get out of bed and start watching the Rose Parade. Waiting for several hours when you have already gotten up, eaten breakfast and have things to do makes it lose it’s luster. It was still on TV but since the day was already half over, we didn’t just laze around in our PJs enjoying it. Instead, I caught some of the flowery creations between finding the power supply for the answering machine, going out to the road to collect the garbage cans and swapping out the satellite TV receiver. Again, it wasn’t the same.

Completely off topic — the high priced cable people at MonsterCable are trying to bully a smaller, non-industry related snowboard company to relenquish the rights to “monster”. They must have graduated from the Microsoft school of cutthroat business. Check out this website – .

I guess when Disney re-releases Monsters, Inc. they will have to rename it or face MonsterCable’s wrath.

Back on topic.

We didn’t leave the house, just enjoyed a misty day with the early morning fog hanging just above the back creek — very peaceful. And later today, I actually sat out in the mist on the back patio with shorts and a sweat shirt while my son chipped away at the last remaining snow pile. Quiet and relaxing.

Looking forward to our first church outing tomorrow morning. I gotta go get some sleep.

…..Dan at aslowerpace