We spent the afternoon and evening at my wife’s family’s as an early holiday gathering — dinner, conversation, games, children playing, etc. It was extremely enjoyable and kicked off the first thoughts of reality that we were truly leaving and wouldn’t see a lot of these loved ones for quite a while. While doubt and regret might be strong words, that is a good description of the fleeting emotion I felt. Logically, I know this is the best decision for our family and we will continue to stay the course. However, with all the joy and anticipation of our move, these are the thoughts and feelings that will be difficult to digest. We will get through this expected phase of our move but that still doesn’t make it any easier for me, my wife or the kids. I am just happy to have a few more images burned into my brain of my son with his Opa and the girls with their aunts and cousins.

Thank you to my wife’s family for being so special to us. We love you!