So yesterday I am in a meeting and my cell phone vibrates. The display indicated it was my daughter who NEVER calls me. She is a teenager and utilizes text messaging almost exclusively. So for her to be calling me I think it is quite important.

I step out of my meeting and answer the call. Turns out it is my wife. She is at the Metzger’s, the local country feed store that also has an arrangement with the local animal rescue organization. She tells me there is a dog there she wants and if it is ok that she brings it home. I really don’t know why she was calling me because she knows what the answer is — but it was nice of her to let me think I actually had a say in something I really didn’t.

She named him Lil’ Tex and he is slowly becoming a member of our family.

The kids love him and he sure is a cute little thing, isn’t he?

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