Today with snow still on the ground and temps not above freezing, I took the opportunity to partake in one of my favorite winter snow pasttimes — pulling the kids on the 4 wheeler. I’d rather not have snow on the ground for more than a day or two, otherwise I’d live in Minnesota. But if it is going to be on the ground, I might as well make something of it. So pulling the kids around is it.

We spent about 45 minutes in sub-zero (Celcius) temps. I circumnavigated the front yard over and over as the kids held on to the rope and slid around on their saucers, letting go on the whip turns and careening across the white lawn.

On one tour of the back property, I spotted 5 deer on the farm behind us. They jumped the fence and ended up about 20 yards ahead of us. Noticing that the kids had fallen and dropped the rope, I used the opportunity of no tow load to take off full speed after the deer. They took off across the field towards the sod farm behind us and soon I was about 10 yards behind them. They accelerated and it got to the point where my 4 wheeler could not make any ground on them. I did get a good look at them as they made their way to safety and they were beautifully prancing away. I looked down at my speedo and it said 34 miles an hour. They were quite speedy deer.

I returned to the kids, loaded them up on the rope and headed back to the front yard for more sledding fun.

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