This morning I was back in my normal Friday routine of serving breakfast at Wayside Christian Mission and praying in front of the abortion center. My wife and I worked the Chrysalis Flight two weeks prior and last week we were prepping for Thunder Over Finchville, so i had been out of my routine for a while.

As I stood praying, I felt the abnormally cool breeze blowing across me. With my eyes closed, it really felt like it was the beginning of October — a cool, crisp morning accompanied by a slight wafting of cool air around me. I opened my eyes and wouldn’t have known any different. In October, the trees still have their leaves and plants are still green with foliage. Rather than trust your feelings to what month it was, you would need to go to the true source of a calendar to know the truth — it was July in Kentucky and not October.

The same thing goes for God’s word. As humans, we feel certain things. Some are good — compassion, love, nurturing — and some are not good — anger, jealousy, lust. However, our feelings are NOT where we get the determination of whether something is good or not. Just like with my feeling the cool breeze on a July Kentucky day (which for you non-Kentuckians should be hot, sweltering 95+F degrees with 90% humidity dripping off you), our feelings of love, fairness, disgust and others are not indicators of what the truth is. To find out exactly what the truth is we must look to the Bible to see what God says is right and what God says is wrong. We will not get it by feeling. If you use your feelings to determine what is right and wrong there is a good chance, like today with the weather, you will feel something that is not the truth.

I encourage you to open the Scripture and search for what God’s truth is for you.

If you have never opened your Bible and don’t know where to start, begin in the gospel of John in the New Testament. It is the fourth book of the New Testament — Matthew, Mark, Luke and JOHN.

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