I have been taking it easy this weekend to give my back a chance to heal up and feel better. It was a perfect excuse to play some Xbox with my son and sit back to enjoy the NASCAR race at Pocono. To enjoy the race, I made some of my homemade salsa — actually, it’s more like pico de gallo. And I was able to use some of our own home grown cilantro. It’s my goal to make my homemade salsa with everything from our garden, but most of it isn’t ready yet. However, the cilantro has been growing great so I cut some. It is very exciting for me to grow some of our own food and I look forward to much more of it this year and in the coming years when our garden and mini-orchards mature.

Since my wife has returned from her trip to CA, we have been easing into the homeschooling routine. Since learning is an on-going process (for all of us) we have decided to homeschool year round. It will be a little less formal during the summer. But we want to keep the momentum and discipline throughout the year, not just the calendar school year. So my wife and I got a kick last night when we got the kids on a learning kick last night for about 3 hours. Here we were on a Saturday night and my girls were studying spelling words while my wife read and worked on numbers with my pre-school son. It was even more gratifying when, in church this morning, the pastor used one of my daughter’s spelling words in the sermon and she picked up on it and smiled at my wife. #1 – that means she is learning and #2 that means she is listening to the sermon. My wife and I were both very proud of this new venture in learning for us. It will continue to be an adventure with some peaks and some valleys. But all in all we believe it is worth it.

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