Ok, back to some “day in the life” blog posts.

I have the rest of the week off work. Still lots of settling to do. Hafta get the vehicles registered, get more household stuff, etc. While out today with my wife, my old Suburban dies in traffic. I know the problem to be a loose wire running to the starter but I’m not about to crawl under the truck while it is stranded in the #1 lane on a major street in the city. It took about 10 minutes to get triple A of Kentucky on the phone so they can dispatch a wrecker. Right after that, a Louisville PD takes a drafting position behind my Burb and hits his lights. I am now more willing to dive underneath to correct the situation when a truck gets in front of me. Out pops Garth Brooks’ good twin, tosses a tow strap onto his hitch, hooks it to my front hook and asks the PD man to stop traffic so we can get into the nearby parking lot. (I knew I was in good hands cuz he had a “W” sticker on his truck.)

Once in the parking lot he offers to help us figure out how to get home. I pop my head underneath and correct the wire issue starting the truck up. He then offers to follow us all the way home just to make sure we are ok.

I ended up in front of AutoZone only 5 miles away from home – 1, so I can get parts to rewire the problem child wire and 2, to keep him from having to follow us all the way home. He has already walked the extra mile and then some. And he wouldn’t take my 20 dollar bill nor let me fill his tank with gas. He just said, “I know my wife will be stranded some day and I hope someone will take care of her”. Anyway, I got his number, chatted with him for a while and intend to have his family over for dinner early next year once we unpack the boxes with “China/silverware” marked on them.

While we were going through all this, I asked him “Has anyone told you that you look just like Garth Brooks?”. He said “Yes” and I responded with an understanding “I get that all the time with Mark McGwire”. He took a second look at me and fully agreed, knowing we both go through similar situations. Hence the title to my post.

Oh yeah, and we bought a new 4×4 truck for my wife. But the above part was cooler.

…..Dan at aslowerpace