In some areas of my life I can be very sentimental. I have saved various items from events that have had great impact to me. For example, I have some birthday cards from my grandmas that are no longer alive. I have my grandpa’s hat and pastor stole. I have numerous cards from my wife and kids for many occasions. I even have the plastic hospital bracelet that I had to wear when I brought my daughter K home.

I occasionally break out the cards to read and reminisce. They not only bring me back to the event, but bring back the emotion and feeling of that close time with whom I was sharing the moment. Those cards also help me know that person more. They put their heart into it — whether it was a note on the bottom of a store bought card the specifically selected for me or it was the crayon drawing a creative picture. These allow me a connection with the one who gave me the card. And the card giver gave it out of love.

Those thoughts came to me recently during one of my devotions. And isn’t the Bible like a giant Hallmark card of love from God to us? Scripture can inspire us. It can get us to share a moment. It can bring back an occasion or event. And it can definitely help us to know God better. The words of Scripture provide an insight to the character of God because, after all, He inspired its writing. And with us reading it over and over, much like a favorite card from a loved one, it brings us closer to Him.

So get your Bible and open up God’s card to you. He loves you and He signed it with the cross.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

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    Oh how I love you so…