To the woman who completes me,
who has shared our family journey,
who is yoked with me as a team for Christ,
who bore the three blessings I call my children,
who dwells in our blessings and perseveres in our trials,
who overlooks my flaws and boasts in my talents,
who exudes beauty and grace and love,

Thank you for choosing me and saying “yes”,
for honoring our covenant and bringing joy to my life.

I love you!

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  1. Mrs. Aslowerpace says:

    I love you so much. Thank you for being the leader of our family. For your strength and your heart. For being a man of integrity and character. Thank you for taking this young widow and her baby into your life. Thank you for loving Christ first and for putting God at the center of our marriage. Thank you for trust, love and faith. I can’t wait for the next 100 years…..Happy Anniversary