This morning I woke up early so I could make breakfast for my wife. I have the next few days off work to enjoy our company, my wife’s birthday, and Father’s Day. I stayed up late last night to make a vacation picture collage as a present (along with the stuff the kids and I bought her). We have a wall with picture collages of all of our family vacations. We still hadn’t done one for our 2004 vacation which so far has been our favorite. I wish I could have done it with the kids but with me working I never have time alone with them without my wife being around. So a late night creative arrangement was the answer — without kids unfortunately.

My son had his second T-ball practice last night. He did much better than his first practice but I will need to get out in the yard to practice with him. I am just waiting for my back to get better before I get into full speed mode again.

With my folks here, I spent some time with my dad last night showing him how to use the zero turn riding mower. It really is fun once you pick up the hang of it. And after a few minutes of him learning not to correct his overcorrections, he began to get the gist of it. It was cool to see the engineer side of him slowly pick up the operations of how it maneuvered and operated.

A Cincinnati trip for birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory is on order today. It is my wife’s favorite restaurant and grandma and grandpa will be babysitting. An then this evening, the electrician is showing up to finalize the electrical for the pool pump and motor. Then all I have to do is the chemicals and we are ready to swim. The kids are chomping at the bit since it was installed early last week. Patience, young Jedi warrior. Patience.

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