This morning on my drive to work I looked over at a wide open field. In the middle were several brown objects milling about in the green grass as the sun rose. They turned out to be turkeys. And similar to Sunday’s observation, one of them was a tom turkey all puffed up with a full fan spread of feathers. He was wooing 3-4 females. It amazes me how much bigger and spectacular the males get when they are courting.

I find it interesting that I had never in my life seen this type of display and then I witness it twice in one week.

Pretty cool!

Happy Friday, y’all! If you are in the Louisville area, there is lots going on this weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful after tonight’s expected storm blows through. And good thing too, because we don’t want it messing up the airshow tomorrow or the evening’s Thunder Over Louisville. Let the Derby festivities begin!

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