Going to WalMart late last night, it was dark on the two lane country road. The snow that had previously deposited and subsided had returned to do more. The large, white, silver dollar sized flakes were still gently floating down but then suddenly disturbed as my truck swept by leaving them tumbling in the swirling air. The 35 mph was intensified into what seemed like a maddening pace by the dark road where you could not see anything not directly in the path of the Tahoe’s headlights. And the large, white snowflakes were even whiter being illumated by the trucks lights. The whole scene took me immediately back to any of the Star Wars movies (the original, 2 or 3 — or 4, 5 and 6 for those young punk Johnny come latelies) where Han Solo would be in his Millenium Falcon and switch to hyperdrive to escape the evil Empire chasing him. The empty space around him was an encompassing black and you could see the stars ahead but when he switched on the hyperdrive, the bright spots of light just went wizzing past in a blinding streak. That is a perfect description of my drive last night. It was pretty damn cool to get that effect at a grandma pace of 35 mph.