I’ve been through a lot during the move and this transition. I’ve made it this far, but the hardest thing so far has been something I am missing right now.

That thing that I am missing is…..the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show.

I know, I know. A tear is welling up in your eye as you imagine a tech geek like me having to go through the of seeing all the new gadget releases on the evening news or worse yet, special CES reviews on TechTV. All without being there. I have attended most of the shows since 1992. I WAS THERE WHEN MICROSOFT PRE-RELEASED MICROSOFT BOB in 1994!!! I still get misty eyed when I caress my MS Bob pin…..his yellow smiley face looking so much like his Wal-Mart cousin. Add to the pain that the show is hosted by the wholesome crowd in Las Vegas. There is a nickel video poker machine somewhere that is screaming my name.

Alas, but in 2005 it is not to be. Too far. Too close to our move date. Too much time away from work. Too new of a situation for me to leave the family. I think I will passify myself with some retro Mattel LED football circa 1981. Bleep, bleep.

…..Dan at aslowerpace

PS – the above pain is still not as great as having to go through cable broadband withdrawals and use dial up.