The packers have come and gone. The movers are now here and almost done. Right now, our home is an empty shell of a house containing an intricate maze of boxes. As of tomorrow, we can be summed up as nomads headed on an adventure.

Being out in front of the house with the packers and movers, I was able to chat with a lot of neighbors that stopped by. It was nice to catch up, say good-bye and exchange emails. I will miss the good neighbors we have who always waved as they drove by when I was mowing the lawn or playing with the kids. Enjoy the weather for us!

In the many conversations I had, a few topics were common threads. Values, family, enjoying life. It made me realize that in spite of our differences, most of us have very similar rootings — to be valued, to love family, to enjoy the time we have left on this planet. In what ever ways you pursue those rootings, I hope you find happiness and contentment.