Today is my folks’ 45th anniversary. I shouldn’t have to write anything else about it. The number should say it all. With a large number of marriages these days choosing divorce, I am in admiration of couples that can begin to quantify their marriage in multiples of decades. THAT is dedication. THAT is true love. THAT is taking the marriage vow and covenant seriously.

And I am lucky because of their commitment to stay together. Not only as a child – to have the security, consistency, reliability and stability of a loving two parent home. But also as an adult as a model for marriage, love, commitment and fortitude.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! May your marriage union continue to be blessed, upheld and centered in Christ.

For those who are having trouble in their marriage and hope to see a 45th anniversary some day, here are a few resources:

Fireproof – The Movie

Fireproof Couple Resources

Fireproof Your Marriage

Marriage 911

Christian Counseling of Mansfield

Focus on the Family – Free Marriage Booklets

Crosswalk Christian Resources

Christian Marriage Today

Marriage Rocks

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