Well, I made it safely home late last night. And just in time too. An hour or two later, we got hit by some of this year’s nastiest storms. The Louisville metro area is cleaning up floodwaters in areas. Both major freeways — the 64 (east/west) and the 65 (north/south) — were or are closed. And I was on the 65 just hours before. In fact, one person was swept away in their vehicle and drowned on the 65 last night. And there was tornadic activity from northern ‘Bama through Kentuckiana. It is amazing to me that we just went through all that hours before. We were certainly blessed.

So between the numerous lightning strikes, thunder, tornado warnings, heavy rains and winds, it seemed like I was getting a thunderous welcome home. I’m glad I was here for it though to make it easier on my wife. This morning there is some cleanup to do. We got about an inch of water in the basement. And more storms are expected tonight so preparations are a must. And even though I got longer and more unbroken sleep at Camp Victor, it was just so good to be in my own bed.

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