We awoke to a beautiful Mojave desert sunrise. And California was finally in our rear view mirror. It was weird to leave California soil as we crossed the Colorado river into Arizona. And then the thought that at that very moment we were homeless. Not in the sense that everyone uses to describe the poor and destitute. But a family without a home. Usually when we have travelled like this for vacation, we had a home base to return to. And, while vacation was fun, it was always great to get back home. That won’t happen this time.

We met a couple with kids and pets in Seligman, Arizona outside the gas mart.They, too, were moving out of California and relocating their family to Flagstaff. An interesting parallel to our move. And they weren’t originally looking to leave CA but had visited Flagstaff and began contemplating it. Seems they hadn’t noticed the difference in life styles until they actually compared and contrasted them. Similar issues: pace of life, cost of living, time with kids, employment opportunities, values. Again, an interesting parallel. It got my wife and I wondering what the immigration/exodus rate is for California. If anyone has links to facts, data or articles, drop me an email.

More asphalt and miles ahead tomorrow. Thoughts come and go as I drive and only a few of them stick enough in my brain to make it to this blog. Too bad I can’t blog real time…..although that’d be scary.

…..Dan at aslowerpace