Yesterday was a relaxing and productive day with family. I had the day off work and needed to knock off a few items on my “honey do” list. But before that happened, the wife and I headed out early in the morning to get a few errands done before the heat of the day set in. Her truck needed gas and I needed to hit the home improvement store for a few things for my projects.

While we were in town we decided to hit Garden Ridge to replace an umbrella that was taken out in a storm this last Sunday. We were appreciative for the rain but the numerous lightning strikes and 60+ mph winds were unwelcome. Luckily, the only damage was the lone pool deck umbrella that levitated like Mary Poppins and slammed into the ground disabling any future shade generation.

Our Garden Ridge visit was very quick. With our budget and envelope system intact, we have very little need and funds to lollygag and “browse” shop. Whether Lowes, Kroger or Garden Ridge, we have a list and we are disciplined to stick to it. In this case it was a single umbrella on the list so we homed in on that section. However, as we made our way to that part of the store, guess what we passed? —- “the Christmas display!!!!!”

WHAT?!?!?!? Christmas lights, trees and ornaments already out???? It is literally the 4th of July and you are getting Christmas displays ready? My wife LOVES Christmas and even said that it was not right. And what was really out of place??? — the cinnamon smelling pinecones as we walked out with our summer market umbrella. I even commented to my wife that the cinnamon smell did not fit on this day, the 4th of July (and I like the cinnamon smell).

So we proceeded to purchase our umbrella and focus on enjoying the beautiful summer day that was laid before us.

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