Today my mom and my sister leave Washington state to head on a mission trip to Kenya, Africa. They will be over there with the Mashaka Quilting Project for a while to teach some ladies over there how to quilt and sew items that can then be used locally for trade or globally to bring in a small income. The idea is to provide them with the skills, tools, raw materials, and resources so, over time, they can ultimately provide for themselves. My sister will be over there for 3 weeks while my mom will continue to stay well into October. They will also try to create a cottage industry and get them plugged into an international marketplace for their wares — which with the internet and community help is an option today that wasn’t available years ago. My mom will be training the first 20 women, who will in turn become the teachers for the other women in Mashaka.

Please keep my mom (Kitty) and my sister (Jill) in your prayers for safe travel so that they can be used as tools by God to further His kingdom and help others help themselves.

Image above is a quilt my mom made prior to the trip.

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