I have been slacking in my blog posts. It’s not like stuff hasn’t been going on — the posts are mostly just stuck in my head right now waiting to make their way down my arms, across my fingers and into the keyboard for y’all to read.

However, this post could not wait.

I received a call early this afternoon from good friends and neighbors of ours down the street. They had just come from church in Jeffersontown and were the 3rd or 4th people that came across a young man who was jogging and was hit head on by a mini-van by Ruckreigel and Taylorsville roads. He had severe trauma to the head and was bleeding profusely. My friends helped out where they could until emergency personnel arrived. The driver didn’t speak English and wasn’t able to communicate much.

I am also finding out through another prayer network that the young man just graduated from the Christian home school that my oldest daughter attends. He has swelling and bleeding on the brain and his neck is broken. There is no paralysis right now (thank the Lord) but he is in critical condition.

Please put him in your prayers. He needs prayers for peace, comfort, healing, pain management, hope and love. Please pray for those medical experts that will be working over him. Please pray for the van driver. And please pray for his family who will have to watch their son go through this not knowing the outcome.

While this is a tragic and critical situation, I am hopeful.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

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