I am writing a Saturday post on Sunday. We had a busy day going up to Cinci for a Costco run (we received our annual Costco AMEX rebate check and had to dispose of it at Costco), had a great BBQ lunch at Famous Dave’s BBQ and returned home with time to enjoy each other playing the driving game (Sega Dreamcast), reading and getting to bed early.

A freeway sign on the way up to Cinci made me laugh again. I saw it last week when we went up to the aquarium and meant to make a post on it. Anyway, it made me laugh again. It was identifying the exit for one of the state parks. Let’s see if you can figure out which one made me laugh.

– Daniel Boone State Park
– Bluegrasss Park
– Big Bone Lick State Park
– Tom Sawyer Park

I’ll get my mind out of the gutter but I will still laugh whenever I see it. Who comes up with these names anyway?

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