Every Saturday I meet several other Christian men for an Emmaus Accountability group. We review our week, share our highs and lows, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable on our walk with Jesus.

So this on this beautiful Saturday morning on my drive to Accountability, I was exposed to several “ordinary to me” scenes that I thought I would share.

Scenes from a morning drive

  • A doe and a buck running along side my car in a dew-filled meadow
  • Mist rising from a farm pond
  • Fog rising through a four board country fence
  • A hand painted yard sale sign
  • Deep green corn reaching for the baby blue morning sky

Interestingly, I tried the speech conversion tool app on my iPhone so I could hands-free talk this list and send it via email. Below is the interesting result.

Games from 3 Morning Dr.
Haizhou and about running alongside my car in a few still meadow.
Miss rising from a farm pond.
Bob I’m running up of four for 10.
Can you give yard sale time.
Deep green corn reaching for the baby blue morning sky.

Note to self — don’t ever use voice recognition app without proofing output.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

One Comment

  1. Haelie says:

    LOLOLOL!!!! I sooo needed that crack up! And that peaceful serenity as well. :o)