With my wife still recuperating from her surgery and trip to the ER, she has been unable to join us for worship. She has missed service all February and I really miss worshiping with her.

This last Sunday with my oldest daughter in town for her birthday, she wanted to go to the late 11:15am service. I have only been to that service one or two times so it was a bit different for me.

One difference of the 11:15am service is the hearing impaired translator. He/she is positioned down front facing the front row of one of the sections. Consequently, the first several rows of that section are reserved for deaf or hearing impaired worshipers. I looked down there during one of the worship songs and noticed hands flying. It had not occurred to me that they sing with their hands just like the interpreter does. It was so cool to see them joyously and passionately signing and singing. And it was truly inspirational — I wanted to join them.

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