As I blogged before, my son’s 12th birthday occurred during Scout camp last week. Of course, he has been milking it and we are on our last “event” for his birthday. He is right now in the pool with 5 of his Scout and neighbor friends, will have cake when they get out, and will be having a slumber party in the basement which most likely means lots of video games, stupid boy fun and no sleep.

Below is a picture of the custom cake my baking daughter made him. It is truly out of control and she did a great job adapting his “dream” cake into reality.

  • bottom layer of chocolate chip cookie
  • white frosting
  • middle layer of chocolate cake
  • white frosting
  • top layer of white cake
  • chocolate frosting
  • topped with two Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • ringed with Kit Kats

While it looks great, I’m not going near it.

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