Last week, if you remember, I wrote a post and confessed about a struggle I was having with meeting the needs of the poor and needy. Well, this morning during my breakfast devotions I came across the answer for me.

The scripture reading was from the Old Testament — Amos 5:12-24. You can look up the actual verses but it is where the prophet Amos was preaching to the northern kingdom of Judah that the day of judgment was coming. Being a very wealthy and successful nation, they were neglecting God’s blessing, becoming prideful and greedy, and neglecting their responsibilities to the poor and needy.

My scripture study notes are:

Here are eight common excuses for not helping the poor and needy: (1) They don’t deserve help. They got themselves into poverty; let them get themselves out. (2) God’s call to help the poor applies to another time. (3) We don’t know any people like this. (4) I have my own needs. (5) Any money I give will be wasted, stolen, or spent. The poor will never see it. (6) I may become a victim myself. (7) I don’t know where to start, and I don’t have time. (8) My little bit won’t make any difference.

Instead of making lame excuses, ask what can be done to help. Does your church have programs to help the needy? Could you volunteer to work with a community group that fights poverty? As one individual, you may not be able to accomplish much, but join up with similarly motivated people and watch mountains begin to move.

THAT is the way God works and the Holy Spirit moves within our hearts. #5 was the one that spoke to me. The why, what, who and when I give doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I give, and that I give with a servants heart. What happens after is for God and the Holy Spirit to work with.

I’ve said it before, I don’t need to have all the answers to be a small part of the solution.

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