While Saturday and Sunday were absolutely beautiful and mild, today beat both of them. It got up to 65F degrees and the sun shined brightly. The kids spent all day outside after school was done and my wife relaxed on the front porch for about an hour.

After dinner I walked to the back where our property backs up to another 200 acre farm. There are two horses that the kids have been taking apples and carrots to along with rows of hay rolls that they play on. Not having any apples or carrots, I picked some onion grass to feed the horses. I then walked out to the middle of the harvested corn field to visualize where I want to build my off-the-grid house. It was dusk and the sun was going down. The airplane contrails were beautifully changed from their normal white to a stunning orange-red. The air was still and you could hear the kids’ happy sounds and noises bounce off the distant treelines. It reminded me of back when I was a kid and we’d play in the neighborhood and hear playing sounds. Except this was out in the country and even better. A calm and serene feeling came over me and I just soaked it all in as I said a thank you prayer to God for allowing this to all be ours.

The sun released the rest of its light giving rays and we walked home on the gravel drive at last light.

On a different note, God made me laugh this morning. I was doing my morning devotions with breakfast and I turned directly to Romans 2. I mean — directly to the page. No turning, no trying to get close. Right smack to the correct page. I chuckled and recalled only one other time that has happened.

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