Well, if you haven’t checked the news lately, there was some terrible weather in our area early this morning. That weather spawned some very unusual autumn tornadoes that destroyed several neighborhoods and at last toll took 22 lives. It is very sad and the devastation is unimaginable. Quite a few of these people didn’t even have any warning. I believe part of it is that we were “out” of tornado season which usually is April through June. Personally, I’m surprised the enviro-nazis haven’t jumped on this freak of nature and blamed it on global warming. The bottom line is stuff happens and all we can do is prepare, plan and pick up the pieces. And to think that when my NOAA weather radio alarm kept going off for a total of 5 times from 2am to 7:30a and I had to wake the family, I was a little perturbed because of lack of sleep. That takes me back to one of my mottoes — “Things can always be worse.”

Please keep those tornado victims in your thoughts and prayers.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net