When people first hear that we are moving to Kentucky, usually the first response is “Why?”. That is a normal response. Most people would be expecting us to move within the community or at least stay within the state. Or maybe remotely expect one of the more popular exile states Californians frequently flee to like Nevada, Oregon or Arizona. For us, Kentucky can be summed up with two words: values and finances.

The values and finances that Kentucky offers our family are key drivers to where we want to raise our family and where we want our family to be many years down the road.

The values piece of Kentucky was important to us. We wanted a more conservative and family values oriented area to raise our kids. A place where kindness, respect, manners, and friendliness are common in people who are grounded in basics and have a belief in God; something higher than themselves. You will always have your troublemakers but all in all, they seemed fewer out there. In addition, people in Kentucky are quicker to put them into their place because they haven’t been infected with political correctness — our society’s cancer…..but I digress. I am not judging the people of California. There are many good people here. I am one of them and we are lucky enough to know others at church, at work, at school and in the neighborhood. However, even good people get led astray and in this busy pace it is very easy to become distracted by the fast pace, keeping up, wanting more, and just getting by…..but not living. We believe that living in a more values centric area will enable us to raise our kids with a greater sense of responsibility to their Creator, their family, their friends, and their community. And God knows we, as parents, need all the help we can get.

In addition to the values piece of the puzzle, there was also the finances piece. One, to move to an area of the country where there is a lower cost of living. Two, to take advantage of the absurd increase of real estate prices here in southern California. Combine these together and you get a powerful tool towards self reliance, independence, stability and earlier retirement. This also allows for more opportunities and choices for the family. If something does not mesh with what is best for our family, we will be in a position to change it. We still might need to be flexible and make compromises but we will not be slaves to payments, dead end jobs, or unfulfilling grinds and ruts. Those things suck the life from us and hinder us from enjoying a child’s laugh, a rainbow or a flower blossom.

Add to the values and finances pieces the fact that I am keeping my current job and salary and you have a great combination. I am almost hesitant writing about it — feeling like I have found a great secret formula that can be stolen. However, my formula won’t necessarily be one for everyone else. What can be for everyone else is the encouragement that there is more out there for everyone no matter what their situation is. That is partly what this blog is for — to encourage others of like mind.

Go out there and find your formula!

…..Dan at aslowerpace


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  2. Ken Stringer says:

    At the prompting of a mutual friend I decided to visit your blog site. What a blessing it has been the last two days to read of your thoughts, perspective, prayers, and day-to-day events! Thanks for adding a positive voice to my day. I am a native of the western part of Kentucky. If you think life is at a slower pace here in the Louisville area, you need to spend a couple of days with me on my farm in the Owensboro area. Often the most excitement there is watching the corn grow!
    Numbers 6:24-26