Yesterday evening after dinner, my son and I took a short exploratory hike on the acreage behind our property. It is owned by someone in Florida and unimproved. I had heard from one of the neighbors that there is a nice pond back there and some room to explore.

We started out across a field and through some trees. For most of the way we could still see our house. We ended up being about a half mile away and lost sight of the house. I kept telling my son to walk quietly and to quit talking and maybe we’d see some wildlife. Well, Chatty Cathy finally quieted enough for us to come upon some deer in a field across a grove of trees. As he got excited and started talking again, their white tails revealed their quick escape routes. At least he got to see them. On our way back we came across a flock of ducks as well as a lone possum (out here they sometimes get referred to as pole cats). We made it through the last grove of trees and across the creek just as we lost our last light. As we came back to our property, I could barely see the black four legged figures running to greet us. The dogs missed us and had wanted to join us on our adventure but the invisible fence was doing it’s job and keeping them at home.

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