Last night after dinner, after the soccer game, after getting the kids ready for bed and during a little snack, I turned on the Academy of Country Music Awards. The kids jumped on my lap (remember this recent post? Good ol’ fashioned music with lyrics you can understand that you can listen to in front of the kids) and we watched some of our favorite country music singers perform — Kenny Chesney, Sara Evans, Keith Urban.

Now if you AREN’T a country music fan, you probably won’t get all this so go ahead and close your browser and pick back up tomorrow. If you ARE a country music fan, you probably missed a group that, for a while, had a big impact on country music.

All I have to say is: I saw Toby Keith. But I didn’t see the Ditsy Chicks! I’ll leave it at that.

Or maybe not. Toby Keith has had a quite a few banner years and continues to rise in popularity even after the Ditsy Chicks criticized him back in 2002 which began an ugly spat. But since then the Ditsy Chicks have fallen flat on their faces. They dropped country music fans like a hot potato embracing the “pop” music scene thinking that the fickle teeny bops that make up that fan base would pick up the slack and buy their albums. But, just like they underestimated their country music fans, they overestimated their popularity outside country music. Consequently, they have pretty much gone no where in the last few years. They have been deleted from country music radio just like I deleted them from my networked MP3 server.

For some background history, check out

Good riddance!

Ok, rant off. I’m off my soapbox…..for now.

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