As I stated in my post last night, this morning I had a few things on my list to do early. One is the Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study which I will be leaving for very soon. The other was prayer time in support of this weekend’s women’s Emmaus Walk. During my time of prayer, two words came to me — genuine and obedient.

Saturday is a special day in your Emmaus walk with Christ and those two words ring ring true for me in my days following my walk. I pray that today, while the women are strengthening their faith and walk in Christ, they empty out their heart and let Jesus in to clean, heal and build a temple inside them where he can reside and do His work. That is the genuine part. The obedience then comes after as Christ uses broken vessels like us to do His work here on earth. He will give us the means. He will give us the path. Our only job is to be obedient.

I pray those two words for the women this weekend. As well as for me, my family and each person reading this.



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