Today was absolutely gorgeous. Nice enough for me to wear shorts. It was sunny, blue skies and hit 72F! My drive home was nice and upon returning home we all enjoyed a nice family dinner together. Afterwards, we headed out to the front porch where the kids ran around and I checked out many of my trees budding. From a distance, the willow tree looks like it has a green haze on it and other trees have little buds beginning to show.

I broke out the cornhole boards and got my first back to back cornholes of the season. There’s not much that can beat beautiful weather in your front yard with the family and a cold drink in one hand and a cornhole bag in the other. And as the sun retreated through the stick figure treeline, we headed inside for a family movie night featuring Planet 51. And now I am in bed with the Mrs., blogging and watching the state mandated March Madness viewing on TV. Life is good!

I am looking forward to the men’s breakfast and Bible study tomorrow morning. And then a laundry list of “git-r-done’s” which, surprisingly, I am going to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I sure will mine.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net

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  1. CindyDianne says:

    Yesterday it was 70 degrees. Today at noon it was 37 degrees. I am looking out the window at snow flurries. Never a dull moment!