While it has been a nice adjustment to the slower pace out here, today was a bit different and included a lot of running around and errands. First was a morning meeting for the volunteer soccer coaches. I coached AYSO soccer out in CA and this will be my son’s first year playing. It should be exciting trying to keep the bee hive of 4-6 year olds on the field. The season is compressed and short. Soccer isn’t a big thing out here and they try not to overlap with the basketball and T-ball seasons because those would take priority with the parents and kids.

Next were a few errands since I was going into Louisville. Stores like Pep Boys, Office Depot and Garden Grove which we don’t have out where we live. Then it was off to the pool store to complete scheduling and payment of a new pool. It was something I had promised the kids since we have lots of room and we will need something to cool us off when the humidity hits us smack in the face. I plan on using it as much as the kids — especially right after mowing the lawn and such.

I returned home mid afternoon and was rescued by my neighbor — again. This time he helped me out digging the trench for my underground dog fence. I had previously ran the wire (see this post) and got it operational so the dogs would stay around — and it worked (see this post). But now the grass is growing before our eyes and the wire must either be moved before you mow or buried. Larry, my neighbor, refused to let me use the shovel (always listen to the wiser country folk) and brought over his Ditch Witch tracor. Even with that it took us about 3 hours to go all the way around where I had run the wire. But it turned out great and I could now mow without fear that I would cut the wire.

And speaking of mowing, I had a demo unit delivered yesterday afternoon for me to try out. It is a zero turn mower, of which I was unfamiliar with mowing my postage stamp sized lawn in CA. Well, I now have some grass acreage that needs taming. And, while I love mowing, I don’t want to spend all day doing it which is definitely a possibility if I bought one of those regular riding lawn mowers. So listening to the wisdom of the country folk out here, I am demoing this. It only took me 1 1/2 hours to do the front lawn (at a blazing 10mph). I still have the back as well as the pasture by the road which I will take care of after church tomorrow. It looks like this is the ticket though.

More to come but it is late so I’m bed bound.

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