Well, I finished the front pasture and the back yard. When I started with the demo mower, the cumulative engine time on the hour meter was between 0.2 and 0.3. It now reads 5.0. However, that doesn’t include the 5 minutes I took to corral a snake — a black chaser I believe — into a part of the front pasture I already mowed so I didn’t run over him…..like I did one of his friends, unfortunately. That is a long time to mow but the whole property now has a park-like setting look to it. I spent about 30 minutes this afternoon as the sun went down and the temperature slowly dropped to just marvel at how good everything looked, how beautiful that moment in time was (with the birds singing, the kids playing and a lone hot air balloon in the distance looking for a good put down location), and to reflect back on the day.

We started it out by volunteering for church in the nursery and for after-service refreshments. I then jumped on the mower as soon as we got home right after noon. I chatted with a neighbor and then came in for some refreshments and chips and dip while catching up on the NASCAR race. It was then back out to the mower which finally ran out of gas. A run into WalMart fixed that. While I was filling up, a guy at the next pump said “That looks like a perfect excuse to quit mowin’. Why’d you come here?”. I thought that was pretty funny and will have to remember that next time. I then gave each of the kids a 10 minute ride while I mowed the back part. It killed my back though because with each bump my back had no where to go with them sitting on my lap. It was worth it though and made for one more fun memory for me and one I hope they will look back on ridin’ on daddy’s lap while he was mowin’. I wonder if they make mini-riding mowers I can get each of them. Then they can have fun while helping me out without them even knowing it.

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