It is now bedtime and I have the opportunity to reflect back upon a great day.

First, I got to sleep in with my little boy. Being there wrapped up in my warm cocoon looking out at the beautiful winter wonderland was very peaceful. That was all interrupted when my
wife ran up to tell me about the dogs running after the deer (see post below). But at least it got me out of bed and my heart pumping.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying our company, connecting up the family computer and organizing the office area, hanging pictures and watching our kids play in the snow. It was very relaxing and we didn’t feel a need to have to be anywhere or get anything done. Which was good because in all actuality, we weren’t going anywhere. I had to go check the mailbox and was ready for the 6 minute walk up there. But I decided that I should take the truck to begin to make a pathway through the snow. My logic was the more the driveway was traveled, the sooner it would melt and we would be able to use it.

I started up the Suburban in the garage and backed it out, turned it around and headed down the small slope towards the creek and the trees. It was going a little too easy so I decided to first try and turn around and head back up to the house and see what it would be like going uphill. If I got stuck or lost control, I wanted it to be in the pasture by the house, not down by the creek and the trees. Well, sure enough, while turning around I slowly stopped and then the wheels just spun. It is only 2 wheel drive so unless I dig it out, provide more traction or pull it out (or a combination of the three), it wasn’t going anywhere. The truck looks kinda funny sitting out there in the pasture. At least it isn’t up on blocks to fit the country stereotype.

Being funny, I walked in to the house and asked my wife if she liked it in the house. She looked at me weird and said “Yes” to which I replied “Well, good, because we’re not going anywhere anytime soon”. Again, the neighbors are probably thinking “Look at those California city folk”.

The kids were able to spend their first real day out playing in the snow. The first time it snowed a few days ago, it didn’t really stick. No sledding, no snowball fights, no snowmen. This time it was different and they got all bundled up for a serious time out there. They are figuring it out that getting ready properly by putting on all the stuff — long pants, double layers, gloves, mittens, cap, ear warmers, scarf — keeps them warmer and they can stay out there longer. My wife was busy in the basement so after they got outside, I was able to just sit upstairs and watch their antics. That is when I realized that they don’t know how to build a snowman. First of all, the snow was too dry, but they didn’t know that. They just started piling up the snow to make the first layer. When that didn’t work, they resorted to throwing the snow at each other. Since it didn’t pack, they weren’t snowballs, just snow piles that disintegrated when thrown. They probably had the most fun when they got the plastic snow sled thing and took turns pushing each other and sliding down the slope. It isn’t a big hill so
it took one person to push, the other to ride and another to stand before the creek and trees to stop the ride. The funniest is when my little boy (the youngest) tried to stop his big sister from going into the trees. She just mowed him over as he landed his little butt in the snow. We’ll see if he tries that again.

A little later in the afternoon, my wife came up to me again informing me that the dogs looked like they wanted out to go pee. In socks and shorts, I let them out and stood in the garage while they did their business (as I had done without incident many times before). Well, my female dog saw the neighbor dog a couple hundred yards away playing with the neighbor boy and ran over there. I threw on my boots and by the time I got over there, had to break up a dog fight. My dog put a small cut on the other dog’s muzzle. I reprimanded my dog and walked with the boy up to their house. I met the neighbor mom in shorts with blood on my hands and shirt. I apologized and asked if I could help out after putting my dog away. She was going to call a family friend to possibly get the dog stitches. I told her that if there was a bill to send it to me and apologized again.

When I came home, I disciplined my dog again and locked her away in the garage. I walked up to my wife with bl00d on my hands and shirt and said “This isn’t how I wanted to meet the neighbors”. Of course, that took an explanation and after all that, my wife decided we should go over there to make sure the dog was taken care of. I could drive the dog and the mom to the vet while my wife watched her kids. By the time we got over there, the dad was home from work. They invited us into their home and were very understanding. They had been through this before — both on the attacker side as well as the attackee side. We ended up chatting with them for a half hour and exchanged neighbor phone numbers and such. They were very nice and it looks like my wife found a new walking partner. A bad situation turned out to be a catalyst to meet some very good people.

The rest of the evening was enjoyable with a delicious dinner with our company followed by some good conversation and lazying around the house before bed.

Other post titles considered for this posting:

  • My kids don’t know how to make a snowman
  • This is not how I wanted to meet the neighbors
  • I hope you like it here, because we’re gonna be here for a while

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