I awoke to a sheet of white above and below the trees. All white snow on the ground, broken by the trees around the property defining the horizon, and topped by a grey-white sky. Very serene and peaceful – especially since I don’t have to go out in it today. Scratch that. My wife ran up to me to inform me that the dogs had taken off after some deer and that we needed to go after them. All my pants are in the laundry so I threw on some shorts, a T-shirt, a sweatshirt and my boots and ran after them. I opened the door to a 9 inch buildup of snow and was grateful that the top layer was frozen into ice and held my weight as I ran across the back pasture. The dogs only made it to the trees where they were stopped by the thick snow and maze of forest. They were just romping and having fun and chased me back to the house where they were happy to get back in the warm house (not as happy as I was). I can imagine the neighbors’ thoughts – “there’s them California city folk in shorts chasing after dogs”.

I bought my first snow shovel as well as our first plastic sled thing.

…..Dan at aslowerpace

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