The list of scriptural blessings below was summarized in a sermon I heard quite a while ago. I had taken notes and recently shared them with an anchor point friend of mine. They are good enough to post here for others to enjoy.

  • Common blessings – given to all people regardless of belief (air, sunsets, laughter, sunshine)
  • Prevenient blessings – God uses these to draw us close to Him (children, friends, trials, hardships)
  • Obedient blessings – given as a result of obedience (honoring marriage vows, serving others we get more than we give, blessed to give)
  • Christian blessings – reserved for those who believe (Holy Spirit dwelling within us, gives strength and divine understanding)
  • Eternal blessings – salvation, those blessings we will receive in heaven

That’s it for my notes. However, I can think of a few more. For example, generational blessings (Ex 20:5-6).

I think I might need to do a scriptural word study of blessings — it would be a good enlightening exercise.

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