Late last week there were many people on the radio, weathermen on TV and Facebook folks who were anticipating Saturday’s “supermoon” — a time where the moon was expected to be 60% bigger in the evening sky due to it being at its closest point to our planet.

So Saturday evening I stepped outside with the kids. And while the moon was full and looked pretty, it really didn’t have anything “super” about it. In fact, there have been times when it was “normal” but lower in the eastern sky as it rose where its orange reflected light really took my breath away. However, Saturday evening was not up to what was being hyped.

Maybe it wasn’t the moon’s fault, but more all of those folks who thought the extra few thousand miles closer (in a 250,000 mile distance) would make that big a difference.

My sister did post a really nice shot that was taken in Friday Harbor. I added my artistic flair to it so as to avoid any copyright concerns. Note that the shot was taken by someone else, but the perspective is artistically mine.

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