Tonight, after my son’s T-ball game, I did a few chores outside to get ready for this Saturday’s pool party we’re having for my son’s birthday. One of the items on my list was to set fire to the burn pile so we would be rid of the cardboard and wood that had been accumulating. You don’t have to ask me twice to bring out the little pyro in me.

It took about an hour to get through the large pile with the flames dancing high into the night sky adding floating embers to the thousands of country sky stars. It was quite hot, so after the fire died down, I decided I’d babysit it from the refreshing poolside. I jumped in and it was very comfortable. I grabbed a few floating noodles and just eased back gazing into the dark sky with pinholes for stars in it.

That is when I noticed some activity — more than usual. Hey, there’s a falling star….oh, it disappeared…there it is again…on the same trajectory….wait, that’s a firefly overhead. Hey there’s a moving star….no, that’s a satellite. Finally, that quick bright streak. That is a falling star.

Anyway, it was very relaxing to lay there floating with the sky entertaining me with it’s light show. It’s a shame I had to get out and go to bed. Here’s to the beginning of long, hot summer nights.

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