I was involved in a corporate teambuilding event yesterday. Our entire work site rode on a nice bus across the river to a retreat in Indiana. It was a beautiful facility set up to offer exercises, learning, recreation and relaxation.

In addition to enjoying the day with my co-workers and bonding and acting more as a team, a visual picture was painted by one of the facilitators. It went like this — when we are born, we are all given five balls. The first one representing ourselves is made of rubber. We can drop it and it will bounce back. The next four are made of fine crystal and are extremely fragile. One of those represents family. If we drop it, it shatters and we cannot put it back together. The next crystal ball represents friends. That one, too, will shatter if we drop it. The third crystal ball is for your health. Like the others, we need to handle that one gently. The final ball represents your integrity. Drop that one like the others, and you cannot put it back together.

It was a powerful analogy that I hadn’t heard before and puts into perspective how we need to treat those very important aspects of our lives.

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