Throughout all of the news regarding the Colorado shooting, my blog post of that morning about Jesus being the light in our dark world becomes even more true. Now I take no credit for the timing because when I posted that entry I hadn’t heard about the incident yet. And while the event was the result of an evil individual, God specializes in taking broken, wounded, hurt, thrown away, and seemingly irretrievable people, circumstances and events and redeeming them with His perfect love into things that are loving, charitable, worthy, good and true. And while I have no idea how He plans to do that with this recent shooting, I know — Scripture tells me — that it is in His hands and He will turn it into something for His glory.

This blog piece exemplifies that — She is a survivor of this shooting and is being used in His plan.

I love, love, love her statement:

God is always good.

Man is not.

Don’t get the two confused.

I encourage you to click on the link and go read her inspirational blog post.

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