Today is a day of anticipation. I have been planning for weeks now to attend an extended weekend Emmaus walk. I leave tonight and will not return until Sunday night. If you are a regular reader, don’t worry. I have pre-posted material for your enjoyment.

I have several friends who have attended previous walks. They have been encouraging me to go for a while. They tell me it is a pivotal time where your walk with Christ is strengthened and grown. I have been wanting to go for a while but have never found the “right time”. Additionally, I wanted my wife to go too and we both never made it a priority. Well, if you wait for the right time there will never be one. So we both finally committed and scheduled it back in Dec/Jan. I go this weekend and my wife will follow on the women’s weekend in 2 weeks.

We are both excited knowing that our relationship with Christ will strengthen, grow and change. We are looking forward to it with open minds and open hearts. We have been told to “Don’t anticipate; participate!”

So that is what I will do this weekend. It will be interesting to see what I write about when I return.

Stay tuned.

…..Dan at aslowerpace dot net


  1. CindyDianne says:

    It sounds great Dan! I am positive that blessings will come of it! Yay you!

  2. Caroline says:

    Am praying for you. Very excited about what is to come.