Throughout our life we are lucky if we have a positive impact on others. Scripturally it is what we are called to do. However, because of our sin, we are lucky if we succeed. And it truly isn’t luck; it is the grace of God that we are used to love and touch others.

Quite often we don’t see our positive impact. And that is ok. Sometimes we are called only to plant seeds. Other times we water and fertilize. And sometimes we are lucky enough to harvest. Rarely do we do all three and usually it is only one or a combination but we don’t always see the fruits of our labor.

Today I was lucky enough to get some feedback that something I had written — actually just passed on from a devotional — had positively impacted someone else. You see, a post from October 2005 resonated with a reader and she kept that thought with her through tough times. It is not every day that someone tells you that you had a positive impact on their lives. It is encouraging and wonderful. And that should be another lesson for all of us — if someone has impacted your life in a positive manner, please communicate that to them. You’d be amazed at the encouragement that it provides.

If you are interested to see the impactful post from Oct 2005, click here. I am just lucky that God finds that He can actually use someone as flawed as me.

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